4 Super Simple Ways To Decorate A Birthday Cake

Decorating a birthday cake can be a daunting task for anyone who has never done it before.  If it’s for a special birthday, this can increase the stress levels even more!  However, there are many ways that a cake can be simply decorated without any special skill or know how.  So if you are new to cake decorating, read on.

Before getting started, it usually helps to firstly decide a theme for the cake.  Knowing the theme of the cake, along with the appropriate age group and gender will help with choosing the best type of decorations.

Sometimes however, it might be easier to simply go out and find the right decorations.  It might be that these help to decide the theme and inspire the creation of the cake.  Nothing wrong with this approach!

Regardless of whether the theme comes first or not, here are 4 simple ways to decorate a birthday cake and make it a hit.

4 Birthday Cake Decorating Ideas

1.  Candy and Lollies

This is a great way to decorate a cake with lots of colour, shape, texture and flavour options.  There are literally hundreds of different lollies available to choose from.

When decorating with candy, it is usually easier to decide the theme first.  It is then much easier to select which candy will be the most suitable.  For example, if it’s a girls cake you may want to combine lollies to make a flower.  Or it might be that a ‘pink’ theme is desired, so all shades of pink lollies are used.

Alternatively, a random selection of lollies could be used to simply decorate the cake.  No particular theme or image is created, just a fantastic looking cake that everyone will enjoy eating.  It is also easy to cut and trim some lollies to achieve different shapes and sizes, so let your creativity run wild.

8th Birthday Cake 300x199 4 Super Simple Ways To Decorate A Birthday CakeHere is an example of a cake simply decorated with lollies.  I made this for my daughter’s 8th birthday – her request was for a number 8 with licorice decorations.  Simple but effective and most importantly, she was happy.


 2.  Cake Toppers

It is possible to purchase as many cake toppers as there are possible themes to make.  All the favourite kids characters will have a cake topper eg Disney Princesses, Spiderman, Batman, Dora The Explorer.  If the cake is around a well known character, this is an easy birthday cake decorating option.

Cake toppers are readily available in the cake decorating section of the supermarket or specialty stores and can also be readily purchased online.

3.  Miniatures

Miniatures are simply a small version of regular everyday objects.  They are an alternative to cake toppers, particularly for more general or adult themes.  For example a music lover might enjoy a cake decorated with miniature instruments.  Sometimes it may require a bit of hunting around to find the right ones, but miniatures can be available in toy stores, hobby store, craft shops, gift shops and even sports stores.

4.  Small Figurines or Toys

Toy stores are a treasure trove when it comes to decorating cakes, particularly for kids.  There are heaps of small character toys e.g. Toy Story, Batman, Star Wars, Disney Fairies, Thomas the Tank Engine that can be used and once the cake is eaten, they can then be handed out as gifts.

Apart from character toys, there are always plenty of other things that are suitable.  Here is a list to get you started thinking, but the best thing to do, is head to the toy store.

There really is no limitation to what you can come up with here.

Once you’ve got the decorations, you can make or buy a cake, add some icing and then build your creation.  This is the fun part, so get creative and remember that sometimes less is more.  Stand back from the cake, look at the whole decoration and make changes until you’re happy.

Even if you’ve never done it before, birthday cake decorating is going to be a cinch using these simple decorating ideas.  Have fun, get creative and let us know about your success.

Please leave any questions or comments below.  And don’t forget to share with your friends.

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