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Want to Make a 3D Car Cake like a Professional?

Well, now you can.  Introducing the 3D Car Cake Template and Tutorial from Novelty Birthday Cakes.

This complete guide contains all you need to make an amazing 3D Car Cake.  Whether you are a novice, or have made a few novelty cakes before, this guide will make the job easy, fun and most importantly, successful.

It can be pretty daunting trying to make a cake from scratch, particularly if it is a design you’ve never made before.  It is important that the cake turns out great on the day, but also, that you don’t get too stressed while making it.  It should be a fun experience that you can enjoy along the way.

One way to make sure this all happens is to follow in the footsteps of others.  With the 3D Car Cake Guide you will be able to do just that while still having the flexibility to add your own personal design and decoration at the end.

So what is contained in the guide:

1. 3D Car Cake Guide (pdf)

This comprehensive guide lists the following:

  • What you will need to build the cake
  • Step by step instructions including pictures
  • Tips and ideas on how to ice and decorate the cake




2.  3D Car Cake Templates (pdf)

Templates that can be printed out and used to cut the exact shape needed for the cake.  No guessing, no mistakes.









Using this guide you will be able to build a perfect cake. So order today, download immediately and get started right away on creating your masterpiece.

Please Note:  The product is available immediately via digital download.  It includes full instructions for cutting, carving and building the 3D car shape only.  There are suggestions for decorating and icing the final car cake allowing for individual design of the final appearance of the cake.

3D Car Cake Template and Tutorial

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