It’s a fun time of year with lots of treats and goodies on offer.  But Halloween doesn’t have to be just about candy!  There is also plenty of room for Halloween themed cakes.

Offering a variety of color, ghoulish decorations and ‘bloody’ inspiration here are some cakes to try this Halloween.  Deliver spooky fun with this selection of cakes that are easy to make, taste great and most importantly, look spook-tacular!!

1. Buried Alive Bundt Cake

Add creepy-doll-arms to your shopping list and you’re ready to make this bundt cake! Just make sure you take the plastic out before you sink your teeth into the delicious chocolate cake!

2. Spooky Cake Balls

These delicious eyeball and Mummy cake balls are a guaranteed hit on Halloween!


3. Chocolate Pumpkin Glazed Cake

Taking the traditional Halloween pumpkin and mixing it with everyone’s favorite sweet foods…cake and chocolate!  Make a single cake, or a batch of cupcakes.

4. Slime Cake

This cake is looks stunning, but is actually very simple, and quick to make. Imagine walking out with this at your Halloween party!

5. Spiderweb Cake

Black and orange are the first color choices when it comes to Halloween, and this cake uses that combination deliciously.

6. Boo-tiful Halloween Cake

This beautiful, shiny cake is simple and spooky, with little buttercream ghosts on top.

7. Frankenstein’s Monster Cake

Everyone knows the story of Frankenstein – the friendly, misunderstood monster brought to life by a mad scientist. With this beautifully simple cake, you can have your very own monster this Halloween.

8. Bloody Halloween Cake

This bloody halloween cake is a delicous, layered red velvet cake with buttercream frosting and red ganache. It’s super freaky with an element of mystery…who’s blood is it?

9. Jack Skellington Cake

It may be colorless on the outside, but this Jack Skellington cake holds a surprising black and orange color twist on the inside!

10. Cemetery Cake

Use your favorite chocolate cake recipe to create a spooky graveyard with edible headstones that will quickly disappear.

11. Brain Cake

This will have your mind on cake.  A simple jelly brain on top of a blood splashed cake looks spook-tacular.

via Love From The Oven


Happy Halloween 🙂