Colored coconut is a great decoration for many reasons. It’s easy to do (as you’ll see below). You can make any color as dark or light as needed. Plus, it can be used in so many ways for creating different decorative effects.

How To Color Coconut


How To Color Coconut

Step 1 – Get out the coconut and liquid food coloring.

Coconut and food color ready to go


Step 2 – Put the coconut into a resealable plastic bag and add a few drops of coloring. You can also do this step in a bowl and massage the color through with fingertips. It’s a bit messier (wear gloves if this bothers you), but works just as well.

Coloring coconut in ziploc bag


Step 3 – Seal up the bag and massage everything together. It doesn’t take long before the color is spread through the coconut. If a darker color is needed, add more food coloring.

Colored coconut in bag
Step 4 – Use the beautiful colored coconut to decorate your cake! Below is a Number 8 Racetrack Cake with ‘green coconut grass’.

Number 8 Birthday Cake with Green Coconut Grass
There are lots of other ways to use colored coconut. Here’s a few ideas with different colors:

Green – Grass, sports fields
Brown – Dirt, sand (light brown), dirt tracks
Blue – Water, sky, swimming pools
Yellow – Sun, stars, smiley faces icon smile

Apart from decorative accents, use colored coconut wherever a block of color is needed, particularly if some texture is preferred. Simply sprinkle it on top of the iced cake as required.

This recipe can also be used to color shredded coconut and coconut flakes. Works just as well 🙂