Superheros are always a popular theme for childrens birthday cakes and while for some it is hard to choose, there are very few little boys who wouldn’t love a Batman Cake.

A Batman Cake could be part of a general superhero themed party or a theme of its own. There are lots of different ways to make a batman cake, depending on your level of skill and confidence. Here’s a few suggestions to get you started.

Batman Cake Scene

Simply use a slab – square, rectangular or round – ice the cake and create a batman scene using toppers, figurines and even a batmobile. Don’t forget to include some of the bad guys in the scene such as The Joker, Penguin or Cat Woman. You could make your own cake using this birthday cake recipe, or use a store bought, uniced slab.

Here’s an example…

Photo by fifikins

This is a simple round cake that has been decorated with lollies and ‘topped’ with Batman.

Sometimes using cake toppers is the easiest way to create a scene cake, this one includes the batmobile and a ‘victim’…


Photo by Carolyn Coles

There are some fantastic Batman cake toppers available including Batman Batmobile Party Cake Topper Set and Batman on Batcycle & Cave Cake Topper

Batman Decorated Cake

Alternatively, you could draw a picture of batman on your slab. Start by icing the cake then filling out the detail.  You will need a template to do this and the easiest way is to find the image you want to recreate, photocopy it and then enlarge the photocopy (if necessary) until you get the right size for your cake.

The cake could feature batman himself…

Photo by DNAMichaud

…or his famous logo which is perfect on a round cake…

Photo by thewattersfamily

Carved Batman Cake

The next idea is to carve either the batman wings, or the batman head out of the cake slab. Either option would look great.  For the wings, simply ice them in one colour and then write either ‘Batman’ or the birthday boys name across them in a contrasting colour.

Here’s an example of a batman wing cake, the icing has started to deteriorate but it gives you the idea…

Photo by brokenneverbeat

Another option would be to carve the batmobile and then place a batman figurine in the car for a great effect.

Batman Cupcakes

These would be a lot of fun and they could be individually decorated with some batman wings or batman face. The finished cakes could also be laid out into a batwing shape for a great effect.

Photo by alicia rae

Some other cupcake decorations that are available include Batman Symbol Cupcake Party Rings
and Batman Bookmark Cupcake Picks

Batman Cake Pan

The last option is to use a Batman Cake Pan. This will give the exact shape and all that is required is some decoration.  Instructions on how to bake the cake and ideas for decoration are usually included with the pan.

So there are a few ideas to get you started in making a fantastic Batman Cake for your superhero party. Good luck and I hope your little superhero is delighted.