Superhero themed birthday parties are inevitable in most little boys lives.  Batman, Superman and their fellow crime fighting mates are all very popular.  Last time we featured Batman Cakes, and this time it’s Spiderman’s turn.  Here’s some ideas for creating the ultimate Spiderman Cake for your superhero.

Spiderman Cake Toppers

There are a wonderful range of cake toppers available with a Spiderman theme.  Here are two great examples.



This cake uses the Spiderman Spin & Kick Cake Topper.  All that is required is for you to bake several cake layers and ice them together.  The cake topper then completes the picture.



Using the Spiderman Web Slinger Cake Topper, this cake has been simply created using a single slab, icing and cake topper.  To create this cake the base can be bought or made at home.


In recreating a cake similar to the ones above, be creative with the colours and it becomes a personalized and really special cake.  To further personalize the cake, consider writing the birthday guest of honour’s name in icing.


Another idea is to extend the decoration and include some webbing or other decoration on the base around the cake.

Spiderman Cake Scene

An alternative to cake toppers is to simply bake a slab cake (Birthday Cake Recipe) and recreate your own superhero scene using a Spiderman figurine.  One scene idea is to create Spiderman sitting on top of a great big web that has been crafted using licorice strips.


Another decoration idea for a slab is Spiderman’s head.  Here’s a great video showing how to do this:

Spiderman Cake Pan

A final option is to build the cake using a specialty birthday cake pan.  Here is an example of a cake made using a Spider Man Cake Pan.



Once the cake has been baked, you simply need to decorate it in the appropriate colours.  While some would say this is cheating, you’ve made the cake yourself which is in itself a great achievement.  Most specialty pans (such as this one) come with complete instructions on how to make and decorate the cake.


All of these cakes can also be enhanced by using a Spiderman Candle.


Creating a Spiderman cake is a great choice for any superhero themed party.  Enjoy making one for your superhero.