One of the quickest and easiest cake decorating techniques is using store bought lollies or candy.  They truly are a cake decorators best friend and can be used to create all types of wonderful cake creations.

Cake Decorating Ideas Using Candy And Lollies - NoveltyBirthdayCakes.orgA visit to your local lolly shop will be great evidence of this.  They come in so many wonderful shapes, sizes and colours that it’s hard not to be inspired for ideas for cake decoration – regardless of your theme.

Before visiting the store, be sure to have a theme in mind as this will make it easiert to sift through the many possibilities available.

And be creative – every lolly has many ways to be used, so think outside the square.

Here’s a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Jellybeans are great because they come in so many colours.  Use them whole to make roof tiles, brickes or stones.  They are also perfect for creating any type of jewellery – think gemstones, jewellery, pendants  and necklaces.  In some cases they will also be great for eyes, noses, mouths.  Don’t forget that they can be cut up as well to give some different shapes.

Skittles or M&M’s both offer a lot of colours to play with as well.  They are great for filling in a design as or simply providing an outline.  They can be used in similar ways to jellybeans, and are particularly good for creating flowers.

Licorice strips, particularly black, are great for outlines, writing and adding line detail to a cake.  If you are doing a train cake, the thicker strips can be used as train track.  Similarly they can be used to  make a road.

Licorice allsorts in all their wonderful shapes, sizes and colours can add great variety to a cake.  One year my son simply wanted a number 6 cake decorated with licorice allsorts and green icing.  A relatively simple request and he just loves licorice in any shape or form so was delighted with the result.

Boiled lollies and lollipops – again there are so many shapes and sizes.  Lollipops make great wheels, windmills  or flowers.  Boiled lollies can be gemstones, rocks or treasure.

Stick Candy – these are great for flower stems, building houses or even lining the side of a cake.  Simply cut them to the appropriate size and decorate around the edge of the cake.

Marshmallows in their many sizes are perfect for pastel coloured cakes.  They are paricularly great for flowers or anything relating to princesses, castles and fairies.

Chocolate bars can be crumbled or cut to create a whole lot of effects. And don’t forget all the shapes that are ready made like gum shaped snakes, bears, frogs, raspberries and many more.

Of all the cake decorating techniques you can use, including lollies and candy in your design is the easiest to do.  The final result is really only limited by your imagination and you know everyone will enjoy eating them.