Train birthday cakes are an evergreen favourite for little boys (and some girls!).  They are really easy to make and here are some great train birthday cake decorating ideas. To make your cake you will need 2 loaf cakes (or more if you’d like lots of carriages), some different coloured icings plus lots of decorations – candy & lollies, biscuits and even pretzels. Here is a great video outlining how to cut, ice and decorate a train cake to get you started.

Apart from using the candy and biscuits shown in the video, here are a few other decorating ideas for trains.

  • Turn it into a ‘Zoo Train’ by adding a few animals to the back of each carriage.
  • Oreos or other chocolate biscuits can be used for wheels.
  • Use crumbled chocolate bars or biscuits for coal or dirt on the track.
  • Make the tracks using licorice strips like these.
  • Pretzel rods make great logs.

The birthday cake decorating ideas for trains are really only limited by your imagination – so get creative and have some fun. Any ideas you would like to share?  Please leave them below.